LB Crazy

The file name of this scan of lists is "lbcrazy.jpg"

I think that's a pretty good description. These are lists that I made before falling asleep very early on in the semester. I was really stressed out and feeling crazy so these were an attempt to make myself feel more organized and calm. They are a little embarrassing. I don't know why I got into the habit of drawing an alarm clock at the top. I was really really anxious and stressed the night I made the one on the upper right! Do you have any weird listing habits when you're feeling insane?

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Nerdlinger said...

Wow! The image dump thing is great! That zine about thursday was off the hook! Loved it, very funny descriptions of rude people. Also I like these lists with the alarm clocks, I put sort of obvious stuff like "wake up" "shower" and "eat" on my lists too. I like the "asses the situation" see if in the morning things need to change on the list.

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