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who dun it?

For the last few days there has been a list taped to the wall at school. Every time I walk by I wonder why it's there... did someone find this on the floor and decide the best thing to do would be to tape it up on the wall? did that person just happen to have masking tape with them?

Looks like someone's going to have quite the spring break bash! I didn't include a close up of the sheet on the right, because it's a guest list... with two names on it... well, I hope the three of you have fun!


Don't Hate, Don't Hate

List Log 2009 coming soon.



Some people's list lives exist solely on their computers. Does yours? This list-lover has a forest of Stickies, some more than a year old. Personally I'm a mixed bag. Some lists on the computer, some on paper.


LB Crazy

The file name of this scan of lists is "lbcrazy.jpg"

I think that's a pretty good description. These are lists that I made before falling asleep very early on in the semester. I was really stressed out and feeling crazy so these were an attempt to make myself feel more organized and calm. They are a little embarrassing. I don't know why I got into the habit of drawing an alarm clock at the top. I was really really anxious and stressed the night I made the one on the upper right! Do you have any weird listing habits when you're feeling insane?



This week on PostSecret, a particular postcard caught my eye:

I think we can all relate to this!


Tiny Lists

Lists all made by the same person, all in the same method. Ripped off corners of paper. Isn't it interesting that avid list-makers usually have a habit that they get into? I think I've mentioned before that I usually flip through a notebook and open to a random unused page, which then creates weird gaps of blank paper throughout my notebooks. What are your listing habits?


Violent Check-offs

This list was made to keep track of changes that needed to be made to a project. Notice that this person wrote that one part took 4 1/2 hours! I like the idea of writing down how much time it took to do something. Normally, It's my instinct to write down how much time I think something will take.

Sometimes it's necessary to cross things out really violently. I can relate to that. The second picture is the back of the list. Look how hard she pushed! You can see marks from the other side.

The back of the list is a bonus that may or may not have to do with the project.



A certain someone added something to my list


The Five Best To-Do List Managers

Lifehacker comes through yet again. Back in August they discussed the five "best" to do list managers. Check it out! The comments are full of good information, too.

The Five Best To-Do List Managers >>>

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